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Read on to find out

  • What an Endomorph looks like
  • What and how you have to eat
  • The best exercise for an endomorph body shape

You have to go about diet & exercise the right way to see results

If you are an endomorph you are naturally     * Medium to large boned    * Rounded in body shape (tending to apple or pear shaped)  * Strong, but often lacking energy   * You seem to gain fat easily and  * You tend to lose weight slowly

The endomorph is not the perfect body shape, but any effort you put into eating right and workout plans is going to reap you excellent fat loss benefits if this is your somatotype (body shape).

The good news is that although you gain fat easily, you are capable of gaining shapely muscle just as easily with the right muscle building nutrition and workout plans.

Whether you want to build big muscles or sculpt a lean and sexy body tone, with the right choice of diet and workout plans a fit and healthy attractive body will be yours.

You just have to know how to go about it the right way for your naturally prone to fat smatotype.

The body fat that an endomorph somatotype tends to carry around the midssection (enveloping vital organs) is potentially extremely dangerous to your health.

This fact alone should alert you to the importance of fitness training (such as weight lifting workouts) and eating well to make the most of your life in terms of quality and longevity.

The pains and efforts you put into muscle building nutrition and exercise programs will be well rewarded with good health and an attractive and youthful body.

How an Endomorph Has To Eat

Start with breakfast – don’t be lazy. Get a good breakfast inside you within an hour of waking up. Complex carbs, unsaturated fats and protein foods are important for a balanced energy packed breakfast.

Eat at 2 1/2 – 3 hour intervals throughout the day (3 meals and 2-3 snacks in total), making sure that your snacks are healthy choices of whole fruits and protein foods such as raw nuts, protein shakes and protein bars.

No simple carb snacks and no deep fry – it’s rubbish and it will go straight to your belly, thighs and backside.

Your somatotype is totally unforgiving with any intake of fatty or sugary junk food.

Wean yourself onto high protein foods and complex carbs instead.

You have a naturally sluggish metabolism, so you have to speed it up with good food choices and plenty of water.

Around 2 liters a day. If you get hungry, try a glass of water first and give it time toreach your stomach. This may be all you need.

Eat a Moderate to High Protein Foods & Moderate to Low Carbs Diet

Protein foods are the endomorph’s friend. It’s great for long term energy, muscle and tissue repair and growth and resistence to illness.

Lean protein foods are the key for you to lose fat and build muscle given your somatotype.

Protein foods will help prevent cravings and hunger pangs because you digest them slowly and feel fuller longer.

While carbs give you energy, the endomorph somatotype tends to hang onto carbs and store them – too much and they get stored as fat.

Endomorphs tend to be more carb sensitive than mesomorphs or ectomorphs. Simple carbs like sugar and processed flour are not great regular food choices for you – this is really sad, because you love them!

You have to learn to love lean protein foods instead.

Eat most of your (mainly complex) carbs in the first 1/2 of the day when you need energy and cut them right back in the evenings while increasing your lean protein foods.

Fat burners (supplements) are worth considering to help out your less than perfect somatotype.

The Best Endomorph Fitness Training Exercise Programs

To lose fat and build muscle an endomorph should go in for weightlifting programs as well as cardio.

Weight lifting workouts for you should be low to moderate weight workouts with a high number of repetitions per set.

Short rests of 30-60 seconds between sets will be good for your somatotype. You have to keep up the momentum or lose the benefits of your weight lifting workouts. Consider circuit training and supersets.

You can easily tailor your weight lifting workouts to gain muscle mass or to gain lean muscle and the results will come fairly quickly.

Just be very careful in your weight workouts not to over train body parts that are already well muscled.

For example, if you have naturally large calf muscles, do not target them in your weight lifting workouts; you don’t want them any bigger. You want them in proportion.

How many weight lifting workouts a week?

Well you really should be doing 3 to 4 cardio sessions a week, so supplement this with 2-3 weight lifting workouts, so that you workout 6 days a week at either cardio or weight workouts, then have one rest day.

The cardio workouts you do will help you to lose fat around your belly, thighs and backside and bring these problem areas typical of your somatotype more into proportion with the rest of your body.

Recommended Reading

* Download 5 Simple Steps to Fat Loss, my free report that explains exactly how you need to go about getting into shape.

Just fill in your details at the top right hand side of this page and I’ll send the report straight away.

* You are going to need whey protein to support your muscle growth and fat loss. Read about this important supplement at bodybuilding.com

It takes some effort and time commitment, but your body shape improvement through cardio and weight lifting workouts is well worth the pain.

* You will no longer be flabby and lethargic with your ill fitting clothes clinging to your unsightly rolls of fat.

* Your beautiful body will be fit and full of energy with muscles and curves in all the right places.

* You will fit easily into clothes that you want to buy and enjoy wearing.

* You will have the energy to keep up with family and friends.

* You will look great and feel fantastic.

It is well worth the effort of following the right diet and exercise programs for your endomorph body type.

* Learn more about your somatotype (body shape);  put your hand in your pocket, lash out and buy Tom Venuto’s excellent program Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

It’s actually not that expensive and if you follow his instructions you will definitely get the results you crave.

Tom’s publication is accurate and detailed.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle tells you everything you need to know about motivation, diet and exercise – not just for the endomorph, but for your mesomorph and ectomorph family and friends as well.

You can read my review of Tom’s program here.

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