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  • If you are a mesomorph (fingers crossed!)
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  • Optimal exercises for a mesomorph body shape

Any honest effort a mesomorph makes will achieve fat loss results

If you are a mesomorph you are naturally  * well proportioned  * muscular  * strong

* you have a highly efficient metabolism and * you respond well to any type of workout routines

Even though you may currently be flabby and frustrated with your fatty bits and lack of muscle tone, any real effort a male or female mesomorph puts into a decent diet and exercise routine is going to reap you excellent fat loss benefits if this is your somatotype (body shape).

You lose fat more readily and gain muscle mass (lean or bulky) with much more ease than the other 2 somatotypes, the ectomorph (hard-gainer) and the endomorph.

The only major challenge for a mesomorph somatotype in losing fat and getting a truly beautiful and shapely body is in motivation – the right mindset for success with the right diet and workout routines to lose fat and gain muscle mass.

Once you get moving on your well planned diet and exercise routine, you will do very well very quickly.

Wide attractive shoulders, a narrow waist and fantastic legs are your birthright. You have to claim them starting right now.

Good health and a sexy and youthful body are yours for the taking if you want them enough to put in the effort required on diet and workout routines.

Fat Loss Diet for a Mesomorph

You can be fit, healthy and attractive with just 3 well balanced meals a day as your fat loss diet. Moderate to high lean protein, moderate to high complex carbs and moderate unsaturated fat intake will work for you.

Of course, it is best for you to have 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day, but your body is less sensitive to peaks and troughs than the ectomorph and endomorph somatotypes.

Your fat loss diet should consist of no more than 10% saturated fats, regardless of your body type.

Deep fried junk must become a distant memory for you – with the change to a fat loss diet, you will not even crave this rubbish after a few short weeks.

You Must Never Skip Breakfast

healthy breakfast
Image by urbanfoodie33 via Flickr

Fuel your well tuned and genetically superior machine. Get a good breakfast inside you within an hour of waking up.

Complex carbs, unsaturated fats and protein foods are important for a balanced energy packed breakfast.

Your snacks must be healthy choices of whole fruits and protein foods such as raw nuts, protein shakes and protein bars.

Generally speaking, you have no need to cut back your complex carb intake in your evening meal because of your somatotypes highly efficient metabolism.

The Best Workout Routines for both the male & female mesomorph

Your body type is going to respond to any workout routines you give it. For best results, go for an equal mix of cardio and weights to lose fat deposits and gain muscle mass (lean and toned or mass and chunky).

Alternate days so you do 3 cardio workout routines and 3 gym workout routines each week with one rest day.

Don’t forget to have an indulgent cheat meal on your rest day.

Once moderately fit, your body will just eat up any form of high intensity interval training that grabs your interest and commitment.

High intensity interval training is full on, but it is a rapid and interesting style of cardio workout that will get you fast results.

Heavy and explosive style gym workout routines suit your somatotype. Consider super sets or giant sets.

Multi joint exercises such as squats, leg presses and lunges are made for your body and are essential for a total body workout routine.

Lean Muscle (female mesomorph) vs Mass Muscle (male mesomorph)

The female mesomorph seeking sexy lean muscle tone while losing fat simply needs light weights with plenty of repetitions.

A total body workout routine 3 times a week that changes every 2 to 3 months is ideal for a slender and shapely female mesomorph figure.

A (usually) male mesomorph looking for a chunky muscular body shape gets best results from heavy weights with few reps.

Splitting regular gym workout routines into 3 complimentary workouts per week is a good rule of thumb for the male mesomorph weights workout.

Whether you are a male or female mesomorph, you need to minimise rest between sets and repetitions to around 30 seconds and no more than a minute to maximise muscle development.

It takes some effort and time commitment….

…but your body shape improvement through cardio and gym workout routines is well worth the pain.

And if you diet and exercise the right way, your genetically superior body will shape up fast.

A female mesomorph is meant to be a perfect hourglass. Her male counterpart is naturally wide shouldered and athletic.

Think classic Tarzan and Jane, then cast yourself in the role!

With the right diet and workout routines for your somatotype

* You will no longer be flabby and lethargic with your ill fitting clothes clinging to your unsightly rolls of fat.

* You will significantly lower your risk of contracting or succumbing to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and circulatory problems

* Your beautiful body will be youthful, fit and full of energy with muscles and curves in all the right places.

* You will fit easily into clothes that you’ve always wanted to buy and you’ll love wearing them.

* You will have the energy to keep up with family and friends.

* You will look great and feel fantastic.

* You will get stared at for all the right reasons.

It is well worth the effort of following the right diet and workout routines for your mesomorph body type.

Recommended Reading for the Male & Female Mesomorph

* Download 5 Simple Steps to Losing Fat, my free report that explains how you need to go about getting into shape.

Just fill in your details at the top right hand side of this page and I’ll send the report straight away.

* You are going to need whey protein and cassein powder to support your muscle growth and fat loss. Read about these important supplements at bodybuilding.com

* Learn more about your somatotype (body shape); bite the bullet and buy Tom’s excellent program. It’s extremely thorough and will give you all the information you need change your body for the better.

Follow the program and get the results you crave. Take out the guesswork and do the tough yards (you’re a mesomorph, you’ll thrive on it!)

Tom’s publication is accurate and detailed. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle tells you everything you need to know about motivation, diet and workout routines – not just for your somatotype, but for your endomorph and ectomorph family and friends as well.

Remember it is only lack of true motivation that holds the mesomorph back from a fit and healthy attractive body.

Chapter 1 of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is the best thing I have ever read on motivation.

I use Tom’s information on motivation not just for my personal healthy lifestyle but to help me cope with the stresses of my busy work life as well.

You can read my review of this excellent program right  here.

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